Cenveo takes great care with its employees’ information, andiscommitted to ensuring the privacy and security of employees’ biometric information.This Biometric Information and Security Policy sets forth Cenveo’s policy and procedures for the collection, use, safeguarding, storage, retention, and destruction of biometric information. Biometric information for purposes of this policy means and includes the data collected from a scan of an individual’s fingerprint.
Cenveo uses timekeeping and payroll systems that utilize biometric information. The collection, storage, and use of biometric information for purposes of timekeeping allows Cenveo to document employees’ clock in/out times and locations, and strongly effort to protect employees from impersonation and timekeeping errors.
An individual’s biometric information will be collected or otherwise obtained by Cenveo following the individual’s written consent. As part of such consent, Cenveo will notify the employee of the reason his or her biometric information is being collected, and the length of time the data will be stored.

The biometric information collected and used in accordance with timekeepingis transmitted to attendance software using strong, industry-standard encryption. While employees are active with Cenveo, their biometric information is stored in systems owned and operated by Cenveo
Cenveo permits only designated, authorized employees with a job-related need to access employee’s collected biometric information.Cenveo will not sell, lease, trade or otherwise profit from an individual’s biometric information. Cenveo will not disclose an individual’s biometric informationto a third party unless (a) consent is obtained, (b) disclosure is required by law, or (c) disclosure is required by valid legal subpoena.
Storage and Deletion:
Cenveo will store, transmit, and protect biometric information using the same standard of care and security controls it provides other confidential and sensitive information in its possession.
All biometric information will be permanently destroyed and deleted from Cenveo’s time clocks, attendance software, and other storage systems no later than one calendar year following the employee’s separation from the company.
It is Cenveo’s policy for all employees to review this policy, sign the Consent to Collection, Use and Storage of Biometric Information, and enroll in biometric time clocks, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing and pursuant to applicable law. For questions or comments about biometric information, Cenveo’s timekeeping policy and procedures, or this Biometric Information and Security Policy, please contact: Hilary Delaney, Compliance Officer.

I agree that I have been provided with a copy of the Cenveo Biometric Information and Security Policy. 
I have been informed and understand that my biometric information is being collected, used and stored by my employer, Cenveo, for purposes of timekeeping and administering payroll. 
I understand the length of timemy biometric information is being stored, and I agree to thecollection, use and storage of my biometric information.
I understand that I have the right to receive a copy of the Policy and this Consent upon my request. 

BIPA Attestation