COVID-19 Communications Insights

Published By Deborah Brewster
May 6, 2020

Deborah Brewster

At the onset of COVID-19, a rapid influx of communications focused on alerting customers of operational changes, contingency plans, and reassuring the masses that companies were taking necessary health and safety precautions. Institutions were fast to develop dedicated resource pages for questions and guidance.

As we continue past the triage phase, communication strategies should pivot to concise updates of “Need to Know” information and marketing messages that are tailored to specific assistance options. Personalized and tailored engagements will be the most impactful.

As in any time of crisis, the right marketing plan and level of outreach is critical to have a lasting impact and sustain customer loyalty. Marketers should continue to extend supportive communications to ensure that their existing relationship is top of mind when customer needs arise. Messages should include commitments to minimize service disruptions and educational materials to navigate new societal norms emerging.