Direct Mail's Moment Continues, This Time In The Cruise Industry


Published By Mary Lynum

At this summer's Sales Gala, Crystal Cruises unveiled their growth strategy for the coming year. With an updated tagline, "Where luxury is personal", Crystal Cruises is targeting affluent, mature travelers. Kari Tarnowski, VP of Marketing, shared data that showed customers responded more favorably to direct mail – so the company has altered its marketing approach to ongoing direct mail campaigns throughout the year.

This news comes as no surprise as Crystal Cruises joins an expanding group of brands that are seeing firsthand how direct mail drives revenue. Competiscan research reported that the cruise industry has seen a 10% increase in year-over-year direct mail volume (Q3 2017 v Q3 2018) and inline with the targeting efforts of Crystal Cruises, 56% of outreach observed was to panelists 60 years and older.

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