Cenveo Digital Direct

Beyond the printed word – CGI, VR and more

Cenveo Digital Direct
Cenveo Digital Direct

Cenveo Digital Direct is a joint venture with Katana Studio LTD, a global leader in computer generated imagery (CGI) production. Created to help speed your digital messaging to markets worldwide, while reducing the time, money and effort needed to keep your marketing communications supply chain running smoothly.

Through a technology-driven network of digital content producers, our platform produces high-end work with speed-to-market turnaround times and lower-cost pricing. Through a diverse team of creative and professional artists located in studios throughout the world, Cenveo Digital Direct provides exactly what you need, precisely when you need it. Cenveo Digital Direct expands Cenveo’s offerings to include:


Computer Generated Images

Enjoy access to a full-service digital studio when you need it, without having to pay for it when you don’t. Everything from Digital Asset Creation to Immersive Experiences through virtual and augmented reality, even 3D Visualizations & Animation are now at your fingertips.

Photo & Video Production

Our global team of photographers, videographers, visual effects artists and retouching experts give you massive power to create the perfect image, video or animation. An excellent solution for social media campaigns in need of a constant source of new visual content.

Digital Signage

Interactivity with 2-way signage creates a unique brand experience for your audience. Bring your brand into the real world and watch your message come to life, engaging your customers in this new and interactive way.

Cultural Localization

For customers with international reach, Cenveo Digital Direct can streamline distribution, decrease costs and increase speed to market of marketing campaigns that need to pivot culturally or in language from North America to global audiences.