USPS 2023 Promotions

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2023 USPS Promotions and Incentives

The Postal Service is offering 6 promotional discounts in 2023 CY that encourages marketers, printers and mailers to try out new technologies and innovative print techniques that have proven to drive higher customer engagement, response rates and return on investment in mail.  The promotions are intended to increase brand recognition and message recall by creating a multi-sensory experience for customers.

The following 3 promotions apply to both First-Class Mail and Marketing Mail pieces:

The following 3 promotions apply to First-Class Mail only:

Find USPS exact specifications for each promotion here. You must contact the USPS for approval and exact program specifications.

Tactile, Sensory and Interactive (TSI) Promotion

This promotion encourages mailers to engage a reader’s senses by incorporating at least one of following features:
  • Specialty Inks
  • Sensory Treatments
  • Interactive elements
Participants in this promotion can receive a 5% discount at the time of mailing during the promotional period Feb 1st – July 31st, 2023.

Emerging and Advanced Technology promotion

Encourages mailers to excite customers by connecting mailpieces with the latest digital technologies.  There are 8 ways to create a new mail experience, and 2 discount levels for different technologies:
3% Discount:
  1. “Enhanced” Augmented Reality
  2. Basic Integration with Voice Assistance
  3. Mobile Shopping
4% Discount:
  1. Advanced Integration with Voice Assistant
  2. Video in Print Technology
  3. Near Field Communication
  4.  Mixed Reality
  5. Virtual Reality

Participants claim the discount at the time of mailing during the promotional period May 1st – Nov 30th, 2023


Informed Delivery Promotion

This promotion seeks to continue increasing the adoption rate of the Postal Service’s Informed Delivery platform by offering an upfront 4% discount for mailings that incorporate best practices and techniques in their Informed Delivery campaigns and a 0.5% incentive for the mail preparer. First-Class Mail automation letters, cards, and flats and Marketing Mail automation letters and flats that meet the promotion’s requirements are eligible. The promotion period runs from August 1 through December 31, 2023.


Personalized Color Transpromo

The Postal Service will provide 2 levels of upfront discounts:
  1. 3% postage discount to mailers who use dynamic and variable color print for personalized, transpromotional marketing messages on their bills and statements that does not include Courtesy Reply Mail or Business Reply Mail
  2. 4% discount for Courtesy Reply Mail or Business Reply Mail inclusion.
Only First-Class Mail presort and automation letters containing bills and
statements are eligible for this promotion. Promotion period runs from Feb 1st  - July 31st , 2023.

Retargeting Promotion

Provides a 5% discount to mailers on qualifying postage for First-Class Mail automation postcards that are mailed in connection with website or app behavior during the established program period Sept 1st - Nov 30th, 2023.


Reply Mail IMbA Promotion

The Reply Mail IMbA promotion will provide a 3% discount for mailers that use static IMbA on qualifying postage for First-Class Mail presort and automation letters sent during the established period. Mailers receive a 6% discount if they use serialized IMbA. Mailers must enroll to participate. The promotion will run from July 1st -Dec 31st, 2023.