Fulfillment and Warehousing

Cenveo’s distribution network is strategically located to be able to deliver to 90% of U.S. locations in two-three days. Our network offers you:

  • Complete distribution capabilities, with secure storage, data security, screened and authorized warehouse staff
  • POD and commercial print production, fulfillment and delivery simultaneously from different Cenveo facilities
  • Networked production facilities across national platform, closest to your end-user destination
  • Multi-plant strategies to meet in-home/store dates, disaster recovery and cost savings

Cenveo's fulfillment model focuses on the physical movement and control aspects of the supply chain in an integrated system. Our inventory management system is highly accurate and reflects real-time inventory levels as they relate to your current production and order fulfillment requirements.

Orders are automatically routed to the nearest facility that has available inventory, closest to where the order needs to ship. We manage materials with real-time inventory reporting thus ensuring orders can be shipped from any of our sites, if needed.

Inventory Management

As part of our on-boarding process, Cenveo analyzes past distribution patterns, sets safety stock on all items and flags critical items that must never fall below their minimum safety stock levels. Our account support team will immediately notify you if inventory approach critical levels; and, if provided the consent, immediately produce or buy a replenishment quantity.

Slow moving and inactive materials are monitored and reported. We provide historical and usage reporting to minimize obsolescence. Recommendations will be made to print smaller quantities digitally versus long run conventional print, where practical and cost effective.

Packing & Kitting

Cenveo is a full-service provider of assemble-to-order kitted materials, able to assemble various SKUs pulled from inventory, as well as on-demand. We currently handle more than 50 million components amounting to more than 6 million assembled units annually.

Our teams are trained to your brand standards, which become part of the documented quality assurance processes and extend to all elements of packaging; including box type, size, placement of tape, and stickers. Dedicated work cells and shipping areas will be set up, as needed, for quick pick and pack of your crucial and highest consumed items. Cenveo offers automated assembly as well as intricate handwork, including 1:1 match utilizing bar coding and full personalization.

Tracking & Returns

Cenveo tracks all materials and requests throughout the fulfillment cycle and carries the shipper's tracking number to allow tracking of the material from request to delivery. Inventory is assigned to fulfill requests, or an order is generated for replenishment to fulfill demand. All documents are built from their predecessors so they can be tracked to the ultimate request.

Our returns process handles all returns within 48 hours. Returns to third-party suppliers are based on your product quality assurance guidelines, and Cenveo will provide you with the manufacturer’s performance reporting. Disposition of the material will be coordinated with the supplier.

Returns from the end-user will be returned to inventory or disposed of according to customer guidelines, and any new shipment involved with a return is expedited.


Cenveo's inventory management system provides you with the information you need to monitor and manage your assets, including:

  • Quantity received/Beginning inventory
  • Used inventory
  • Spoiled inventory
  • Work in process/Allocated inventory
  • Ending inventory/Unallocated inventory
  • Physical adjustment
  • Replenishment points

In addition, our technology platform, Kadena™, allows you to control costs and analyze performance with K-Insight, a powerful analytics module and back-end engine. It pulls together data from across the supply chain, including order activity, inventory and distribution; allowing you to sort data (including external data sources) to measure what’s important to you.