Encourages mailers to excite their customers’ senses by adding innovative techniques into their First-Class Mail® and USPS Marketing Mail®.

New developments in papers, stocks, substrates, finishing techniques, and inks can be incorporated into mailpieces to create a multi-sensory experience through special visual effects and other dimensional treatments to encourage interaction and drive customer engagement.

Discount: 5% of eligible postage for USPS Marketing Mail® letters and flats, First-Class Mail® letters, cards, and flats, and well as Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail® letters and flats.

Promotion Registration:
December 15, 2023–July 31, 2024

Promotion Dates:
February 1, 2024–July 31, 2024


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Which is why it’s important to maximize on USPS Direct Mail Promotions – Good thing we have USPS Promo Experts on our team to provide you with innovative products and creative solutions to grow your business. 

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