Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

⇒ Question: What types of envelopes do you offer? 

Answer: We offer a wide range of envelope options to suit every need. From standard business envelopes and window envelopes to specialized mailers, security envelopes, invitation envelopes, and more. Each is available in different sizes and materials to fit your specific requirements. | View Envelope Types

⇒ Question: Can you customize the envelopes with our company logo?

Answer: Absolutely! We provide custom printing services that allow you to add your company logo, return address, or any other design elements you need. You can choose the color, typeface, and positioning of your design for a truly personalized look. | Request a Quote

⇒ Question: What are the environmental considerations when selecting an envelope manufacturer?

Answer: When choosing an envelope manufacturer, it's important to consider their commitment to environmentally-friendly practices. Look for companies that use recycled or FSC-certified paper and sustainably sourced materials, and those that employ energy-efficient manufacturing processes. | Read more about our Sustainability Commitment

⇒ Question: What materials are commonly used for envelope manufacturing?

Answer: Most commonly, envelopes are made using paper. However, the type of paper can vary. Some envelopes are made of thicker, more durable kraft paper, while others are constructed with thin, lightweight paper. Specialty envelopes may use other materials like plastic or padded bubble wrap for added security.

⇒ Question: What are the most common sizes of envelopes?

Answer: The most common sizes include #10 envelopes (4 1/8" x 9 1/2") for business and correspondence, A2 (4 3/8" x 5 3/4") for cards and invitations, and 9" x 12" for documents that cannot be folded.  | View Envelope Types

Question: What customization options are available for envelopes?

Answer: Customization options include printing your company logo or return address, choosing specific colors, and selecting unique materials or finishes. You can also choose from different sizes, window styles, and closure types.

⇒ Question: How do I choose an envelope manufacturer? 

Answer: Factors to consider may include the range of products they offer, their commitment to quality and sustainability, their pricing, and their ability to meet your specific customization needs.

⇒ Question: What are the advantages of using an envelope manufacturer?

Answer: An envelope manufacturer can provide a wider range of sizes, styles and customization options than typical office supply stores. They can also offer bulk pricing and expert advice on the best envelope choices for your specific needs.

⇒ Question: What types of envelopes are most common for business mailings? 

Answer: Standard business envelopes (#10) and window envelopes are commonly used for business mailings. Catalogue and booklet envelopes are also popular for larger documents.

 ⇒ Question: What are the primary considerations when selecting a manufacturer for envelopes? 

Answer: Key considerations include quality of product, sustainability practices, range of options, customization capabilities, cost, and customer service. 

⇒ Question: What types of envelopes are best for mailing important documents? 

Answer: For important documents, it's best to use security envelopes, which have a lining to prevent the contents from being seen, or padded envelopes for added protection.

⇒ Question: How can I make sure my envelopes are properly sealed? 

Answer: Make sure the adhesive on the flap is wet enough to stick but not so wet that it weakens the paper. Press down firmly and ensure all edges are securely adhered. For important mailings, you may want to consider using peel & seal.