Tax season brings the task of organizing and sending sensitive financial documents. With identity theft on the rise, securing these documents is more important than ever. Cenveo, the largest envelope manufacturer in the United States, offers specialized solutions with secure envelopes designed to protect your confidential information.

Here’s how our products can help safeguard your financial documents this tax season.

  • Secure Envelopes with Inside Tint
    Our envelopes come with an inside tint, a security feature that prevents prying eyes from seeing through the envelope. This added layer of security ensures that your financial documents remain confidential until they reach the intended recipient.
  • Custom or Standard Inside Tint for Enhanced Privacy
    For those seeking an extra level of security, we offer custom inside tints. This option allows you to personalize the design within the envelope, making it even more difficult for unauthorized individuals to view its contents.
  • Envelock Tamper-Evident Envelopes
    Our Envelock tamper-evident envelopes are designed to indicate any unauthorized access attempts. Should someone try to open the envelope before it reaches its destination, the envelope will show visible signs of tampering, alerting the recipient to potential security breaches.
  • Benefits of Using Insertable Envelopes with Windows
    Insertable envelopes with windows are not only practical but offer an additional security measure. The window allows for the visible address of the recipient, eliminating the need for external labeling that could be tampered with. This feature ensures that the envelope reaches its intended destination without compromise.
  • Our Duraguard Envelope: The Strongest Machine Insertable Solution
    Highlighting our commitment to innovation and security, the Duraguard envelope is designed for machine insertion, significantly reducing human error and increasing the security and efficiency of your mail processing. This envelope is perfect for businesses looking for a streamlined process that safeguards their documents from start to finish.

In an era where information security is paramount, choosing the right envelope can make all the difference. Let Cenveo help you navigate this tax season with confidence, knowing your confidential documents are in safe hands.


Using our secure envelopes, especially during tax season, means protecting your most sensitive information with the highest standards of security.

Our products are designed to provide peace of mind for both senders and recipients. With features like standard or custom inside tints, tamper-evident seals, and machine-insertable envelopes, you can ensure that your financial documents are protected throughout their journey.

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